Police investigate theft from Whitby fire engine

Whitby police are appealing for information following a theft from an emergency service vehicle in the town.

It occurred between Saturday 14 December and Monday 17 December 2013, on Ainthorpe Lane, Danby, when someone broke into a fire engine.

The thieves stole a red door enforcer with the serial number X211165, a pair of blue croppers, serial number X212274 and a Halligan bar, bearing the serial number X212273.

A Halligan bar is a specialist tool used by the fire service to force entry to properties.

PC Darren Mortimer, of Whitby Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This is a despicable theft. Had the fire engine been called to an emergency which required fire fighters to force entry to a property, not having the essential equipment could have led to a tragedy.