Nick Clegg's "Boxing Day" wish

Nick Clegg "wants boxing gloves" for Christmas

Nick Clegg has asked for boxing gloves for Christmas - but has declined to admit who he will imagine punching with them.

The Deputy Prime Minister said he used them at weekly kick-boxing sessions because it "gets stuff out of my system".

But the gloves supplied by his gym were "slightly smelly" so he hoped to get a Liberal Democrat-yellow pair as a present from his wife, Miriam.

Mr Clegg was talking on a festive version of his weekly Call Clegg phone-in on the radio - recorded at the Children's Hospital School, Great Ormond Street.

"This is so going to be misinterpreted - but I've actually asked for a pair of boxing gloves", he said. "Not to wear them in the House of Commons, although come to think about it, maybe I should. It's because once a week, I go to a gym and... I do these exercises.

"The boxing gloves in the gym are slightly smelly. So I thought I may as well just ask for my own boxing gloves and I'll take them to the gym. "It's just really good exercise. So I've asked Miriam for a pair of 12oz boxing gloves."