Lincolnshire farmers call for better flood protection

Farmers across lincolnshire are calling for more government investment to protect their land from flooding.

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Statement: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency have released a statement over Lincolnshire famers calls for better flood protection:

The Environment Agency compares investment in dredging, desilting, weed control, maintaining defences, clearing blockages, and pumping water from flooded land to find the most effective use of the funds available.

Other effective flood alleviation measures include building of physical defences, and schemes that hold excessive rainwater further upstream, such as those that involve a flood storage reservoirs that release water at a controlled rate.

Dredging and desilting are done where they will improve a channel’s ability to carry increased river flows, but in some circumstances dredging is not the best long-term or economic solution compared to other flood risk measures.

– The Environment Agency

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