Number of children in care in Nottinghamshire doubles in six years

There are calls for people in Nottinghamshire to consider fostering or adopting older children as the number of youngsters in care in the county rises.

847 children are in care, which Nottinghamshire County Council say, is a figure which had doubled since 2008.

It isn’t just babies who need a permanent loving home or a temporary one for that matter. The stark truth is that the proportion of children being adopted drops from one in three when a child is age four or younger to one in 15 when that child turns five.

“One of our biggest challenges is also being able to keep brothers and sisters together when they’re placed. We’re asking those considering adoption or fostering to think about whether they have the space and energy to adopt more than one child so that siblings don’t have to be separated.

– Councillor Kate Foale

The Council expects to approve 60 new adopters this year. But with 75 children expected to be put forward for adoption this year, it still needs more adopters to keep pace with the number of children coming into care and place some of those children already waiting for adoptive homes.