New figures reveal 'near misses' on school run

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New statistics released by the charity Sustrans have revealed 4 out of every 10 parents report that their child has been involved in some sort of 'near miss' while walking or cycling to or from school.

Of parents surveyed in the North of England, 30% reported near miss accidents, 15% said a vehicle didn't stop or stopped too late at a zebra crossing, 9% said a speeding vehicle had nearly hit their child while crossing the road, and 3% had actually been hit by a vehicle while walking.

Sustrans launched its Campaign for Safer Streets today - the charity is urging parents to write to their local MP to demand every child be given the right to a safe journey to school.

Sustrans north west regional director Eleanor Road said:

"In 2012, 33 children were killed and more than 1800 were seriously injured while walking or cycling - if a whole classroom of children had been killed under other circumstances there would be public outcry."