CCTV " could stop parents' abuse " - girl tells judge

Lincoln Crown Court Credit: ITV Yorkshire

An eight-year-old girl suggested fitting her house with CCTV so that social workers could monitor her mother and father's abusive behaviour, a family court judge has heard.

The youngster said social workers "should watch Mummy and Daddy", Judge Heather Swindells was told.

She said cameras were needed in every downstairs room "because they hit us downstairs".

Detail of her suggestions has emerged in a written ruling on the case by Judge Swindells, who sits in Lincoln.

The girl was speaking to social services staff after she and her seven-year-old brother were taken into temporary care when concerns were raised.

Staff had asked asked what decisions she thought a judge should make about their long-term futures - after she said she had "loads of worries" about what was happening.

"They hurt us, they smack us, they argue and they lock us in the bedroom and they starve us," said the girl.

"The judge should decide that we can't go home yet until Mummy and Daddy change."

She said her parents, both in their 40s, "could do a calendar" and "if they don't hurt us, they can tick a box".

Judge Swindells granted an application by social workers and ruled that the girl and her brother should go into long-term foster care.

The judge highlighted the couple's "punitive parenting style" and their "use of unreasonable chastisement", and said they had "no real insight into the devastating impact of their abusive parenting".

She said no one involved could be identified.

But she named the local authority with responsibility for the children as Lincolnshire County Council.