Educating Yorkshire's Mushy "gets TV show of his own"

Musharaf Asghar, one of the teenage stars of Channel 4's award-winning Educating Yorkshire documentary series, is to lead a TV show of his own, according to The Observer.

Musharaf Asghar Credit: Channel 4

Musharaf, a former pupil of the Thornhill Academy, Dewsbury, where the series was filmed, captured the hearts of viewers when he overcame his stammer to speak at the school assembly thanks to his English teacher Mr Burton borrowing a technique he had seen in the film The King's Speech.

Teacher Matthew Burton helped Musharaf Asghar find his voice Credit: Channel 4

Fellow pupils and staff wept as Musharaf conquered his acute stammer by wearing headphones as he made his speech.

Now it is reported that he is to lead his own programme Stammer School: Musharaf Finds His Voice. The programme will follow a group of children, as they learn how to overcome their problem from other stammerers. "I hope it will have a positive impact on other people with stammers to speak more and not give up on their dreams," he told the Observer. The programme, will be broadcast on Channel 4 on August 28.