Holiday Weekend Weather Prospects

Cumulus cloud over Cowling Pinnacle in Craven. Credit: RAY GRAHAM

Today (Saturday) will be very similar to yesterday in that there will be plenty of sunshine first thing but cumulus clouds will develop and that will bring a scattering of showers this afternoon, mainly, but not exclusively, east of the A1. Highs are still disappointing at around 17ºC. Saturday night will be dry but chilly with lows in the sticks around 3ºC - cold in a tent that's for sure. Sunday will be a lovely day. There will be plenty of sunshine in the morning, a little more cloudy in the afternoon but it should stay dry. It'll feel a tad warmer too because there will only be a very light wind. Monday is more problematical. There will be a good deal of cloud with some outbreaks of rain. I'm not expecting a huge amount of rain and the afternoon should see some brighter weather. Keep up to date with the forecast, brought to you this weekend by Kerrie Gosney.