Backpacker's mother gives DNA sample

The mother of a backpacker from Yorkshire who went missing in Malaysia has reportedly provided DNA to help identify a body on the island.

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Protest in Hull against army attacks in Gaza

Around a hundred people have attended a pro - Palestinian demonstration in Hull. They are objecting to Israeli army attacks on Gaza.

The Israelis say they are targeting militants firing rockets into Israel. The protestors say many innocent people are being killed.

Gaza protest
Over one hundred people turned out for the demo in Hull Credit: Calendar


Could Sheffield Steel brand get EU protection?

The "Man of Steel" will overlook the M1

Sheffield is so famous for its steel that a 100 foot scupture which will overlook the M1 is in the making. But should our region's exports be copyright protected?

Currently the European Union only protects food and drink.

The EU admits that intellectual property rights are sketchy and "insufficient" - so a Green Paper looking to extend protection to non-food items is being analysed today.

Ex-soldiers have Indian charges quashed

Former soldiers from Yorkshire will finally be home next week after spending months in an Indian jail. Three soldiers from East Yorkshire were arrested on suspicion of smuggling weapons as they worked onboard a ship providing protection from pirates last October.

All three were told in court that all charges against them were quashed. Helen Steel reports.

Leeds Imam leads warning against British muslims fighting in Syria

A prominent imam in West Yorkshire is among more than a hundred people who've signed an open letter calling on muslims not to go and fight in Syria.

The letter comes as another another Briton today claimed to have joined jihadi militants taking on government forces out there.

But Qari Asim, who preaches at the Makkah Mosque in Leeds says young muslims should not risk their lives in the conflict:


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