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Army medics fly from Yorkshire to fight Ebola

Army medics trained in North Yorkshire have left the country this morning to join British efforts in fighting the Ebola outbreak.

Army medics fly from Yorkshire to fight Ebola

Among them are personnel from the 35 Squadron, 5 Medical Regiment.

They will man the Ebola Training Academy in Sierra Leone, which will supply five treatment centres currently being built by the UK.

Bradford family say government is underplaying Ebola threat

A family from Bradford, who says the government is not taking the threat of the Ebola virus seriously, have stocked enough supplies to keep them going for a year.

The Tiler family have collected long-life food, water, and bottles of gas in case there is a widespread Ebola outbreak in the city.

The Government says the risk in the UK is low but screening of passengers will be extended to Manchester and Birmingham airports, as well as Heathrow and Gatwick. Victoria Whittam reports

South Yorks police officer safely home after Himalayan avalanche

A Police officer from South Yorkshire is safely home with his family, after being caught up in a series of avalanches that killed almost 40 people in the Himalayas.

Paul Sherridan back home after surviving one of worst mountaineering disasters Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Paul Sherridan landed back in the country yesterday. He will be on Calendar tonight (Monday October 20).


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UK family 'stockpiles food and gas' in case of Ebola

A family of six takes the threat of a "handful of cases" of Ebola in the UK so seriously they have stockpiled a year's worth of supplies should the worst happen.

Despite the rare chance of a full scale Ebola outbreak in the UK over the coming months, but the Tiler family are taking no chances.

The Bradford based family of six have already collected long-life food, water, candles, toilet roll and even bottles of gas for a stove in case there is a widespread Ebola outbreak across the UK.

Mum Emma and Dad Chris already have their four children trained to put on military suits and gas masks in case the hemorrhagic fever spreads across the country.

Chris Tiler admitted the family "worried about it quite a lot" and accused the government of "not taking it seriously enough".

Emma told Good Morning Britain:

It's definitely not over the top. It's better to have more than not have enough. If there were riots in the streets and you couldn't go outdoors and couldn't go out and get anything, then you've got something saved.

– Emma Tiler

Fire in Sleaford

There are reports of a large fire west of Sleaford just off the A15.

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Himalayan mountain blizzard death toll rises to 30

The number of people killed in a blizzard in an area of the Himalayan mountains popular with trekkers has risen to 30 with up to 65 people including 35 tourists reportedly still missing.

Nepali troops are searching for survivors after 30 trekkers were killed in the Himalayas. Credit: Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

Nepali troops are searching rugged snow-covered Himalayan terrain in an effort to find any remaining survivors of the blizzard which has led to one of the country's worst mountain disasters.

Twelve helicopters have dropped searchers in otherwise inaccessible spots, while soldiers fanned out in different directions.

Unseasonal weather in peak trekking season unleashed avalanches in the area and many hikers were caught unprepared and unawares by the sudden change.

Trekkers were "herded to their deaths"

A police officer from South Yorkshire who has survived what is fast becoming Nepal's worst ever mountaineering disaster has spoken of the horror he witnessed on the Himalayan slopes and of how he believes dozens of trekkers were herded to their deaths.

Paul Sherridan, who's a custody sergeant from Doncaster, has blamed ill-equipped guides for leading people into deadly blizzards. Mr Sherridan himself helped to take more than one hundred people to safety through what he has called 'a white abyss'. Lisa Adlam reports.

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