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The bells ring out across East Yorkshire

Hundreds of bell ringers from around the world have traveled to East Yorkshire for a speical bank-holiday weekend event.

The Beverley and District Ringing Society are playing host to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

It will see over 200 campanologists, some from as far as Canada, practice the historic art at 40 churches all across the county.

And according to the Society's Richard Gibson , the last time the group organised the event was over 3 decades ago.

Out of Africa

The Armley Mills Industrial Museum in Leeds has teamed up with the Friends of Sierra Leone National Railway Museum to celebrate the 100th birthday of Nellie the Engine - the Central African country's oldest surviving locomotive, which was actually built in Leeds. Gaynor Barnes reports.


Groom asks for donations for Nepal earthquake instead of wedding gifts

The founder of the Lincoln based charity Lincs2Nepal, Garry Goddard, who recently returned from the country after an aid trip was married on Friday - but instead of wedding presents asked for donations to his charity instead.

Garry Goddard and new wife Tracy

Garry and new wife Tracy also decorated their wedding venue with traditional flags and scarves from the country and lit candles in memory of the thousands who lost their lives in two recent earthquakes.

Garry has been to Nepal 17 times carrying out educational work and more recently helping with aid efforts and is planning to return soon.


West Yorkshire GP describes terror of Nepal earthquake

A GP from West Yorkshire has been telling Calendar about the terrifying moment Nepal was today hit by another earthquake.

At least 40 people have been killed and a thousand people have been injured in the 7.3 magnitude quake.

It comes just two weeks after an earthquake killed more than 8,000 people.

Doctor Aziz Hafiz from Keighley only left for the stricken country on Sunday in his role as Director for Disaster Relief with the charity Humanity First.

He was in a car, travelling back to Kathmandu from a meeting with Nepal's Home Minister when the vehicle shook violently.

He thought they had swerved to avoid a dog, then saw the whole road moving and buildings collapsing around them.

This is what he told us:

To find out more about the charity, click here.

Lincs fire chief says Nepal return possible following second quake

The Chief Fire officer of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue service who returned from Nepal last week says he is deeply saddened by today's second earthquake and is on standby to return to the country - if called upon.

Dave Ramscar was part of a team of 67 from the UK's International Search and Rescue team.

The team that responded out are now stood down and the second team will be stood up, and ready to go.

We only respond to these situations at the request of the local government. The UK government will be monitoring the situation and waiting for any request that comes into the government from Nepal.

– Dave Ramscar

Watch how rescue teams and charities based in Lincolnshire are reacting to the second quake:

Yorkshire doctor describes moment of latest Nepal quake

A doctor from Keighley helping with the relief effort in Nepal has told ITV Calendar how he witnessed the latest earthquake.

Credit: Dr Aziz Hafiz

Dr Aziz Hafiz, who is Director of Disaster Relief at the charity Humanity First, left with a medical team for Nepal on Sunday. He said he was just returning from a visit with Nepal's Home Minister when the car he was travelling with started to "wobble and shake".

At first I thought we were swerving to avoid a dog, then I saw the whole road was moving, and buildings behind us collapsed.

– Dr Aziz Hafiz

He said there was no loss of life in the immediate area and he and his team were concentrating on making emergency shelters.

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