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Students in Sheffield hold anti-extremism events

Muslim students at the University of Sheffield are hosting a series of events aimed at tackling extremism following attacks in Copenhagen and Paris.

Abdul Ghalib addressing students in Sheffield

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at the university will host guest speakers in a series entitled "Islam and Caliphate".

It is the ninth event to be held in a UK university and speakers will address audiences to tackle the extremist ideology promulgated by IS and other extremist groups, saying that they have no root in Islam.

By spreading this message of peace and tolerance, AMSA and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at large, hope to stem the tide of radicalisation in the UK and change the negative impression of Islam so prevalent today. In particular they hope to remove the current stigma and misconception surrounding the concept of Caliphate. As adherents to the world's oldest and largest Caliphate, Ahmadi Muslims have felt a particular responsibility to bring to light the true nature of this institution which has been so misguidedly portrayed by IS.

– Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association

The events were inspired by His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, 5th Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community who has repeatedly called for more to be done to tackle rising extremism both in the UK and abroad. His aim is to promote events which educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about the peaceful teachings in Islam.

RAF Typhoons scrambled from Lincolnshire base to escort Russian jets off Cornwall coast

RAF fighters were scrambled after two Russian bear bombers were spotted off the coast of Cornwall, the Ministry of Defence has said.

A typhoon jet at RAF Coningsby Credit: Press Association

The Typhoon jets, from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, escorted the Russian aircraft which were flying in international airspace close to the UK yesterday afternoon, an MoD spokesman said.

RAF Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon fighter aircraft were launched yesterday after Russian aircraft were identified flying close to UK airspace. The Russian planes were escorted by the RAF until they were out of the UK area of interest. At no time did the Russian military aircraft cross into UK sovereign airspace.

– MoD Spokesperson

The MoD said the planes were not deemed to be a threat at any point.


Bomber Command heroes' final resting place could be lost forever

Next tonight, to a family's search for their grandfather, lost at war - and the fears that his final resting place could be destroyed.

Sergeant Ronald Barton's family traveled to Germany in the hope of finding his remains at the site where his Lancaster Bomber crashed in 1944.

Now, they face the prospect of the site being dug up - without his body being found - by developers planning to build homes there.

Michael Billington joined them on the search for Sergeant Barton:

Multiple murder 'fugitive' arrested after global manhunt

A man wanted for the murders of eight people in Huddersfield has been arrested abroad.

Shahid Mohammed has been arrested in connection with a fatal house fire that killed eight members of the same family, in Birkby, Huddersfield Credit: West Yorkshire Police

Five children and three adults, all members of the Chisti family, died in the house fire in Birkby in 2002. Plans are underway to bring 32-year-old Shahid Mohammed back to the UK.

Police believed he had been in Pakistan.

He was initially arrested in 2002 in connection with the fire but failed to answer bail and police have been been searching for him since.

West Yorkshire Police described the investigation as the biggest multiple murder inquiry in the county for 30 years.

Watch: Family's emotional appeal for information over fire suspect

[This] has clearly been a major and long running enquiry and I thank residents who have come forward with information over the years for their support. We remain utterly focussed on working with the UK Foreign Office and authorities in the nation in which the 32-year-old is currently being held to bring him back to the UK to be put before a court.

– Detective Superintendent Lisa Griffin, WYP

The fire killed Nafeesa Aziz, 35, and her daughters Tayyaba Bootall, three, Rabiah Bootall, 10, Ateeqa Nawaz, five, Aneesa Nawaz, two, and Najeebah Nawaz, six months. Miss Aziz's brother, Mohammed Ateeq-ur-Rehman, 18, also died in the fire, and their mother, Zaib-un-Nisa, 54, died a week later in hospital.

In July 2003, three Huddersfield men - Shaied Iqbal, Shakiel Shazad Amir and Nazar Hussain - were convicted for their part in the crime.

Click here for more on the Birkby house fire

Kerry Needham makes personal appeal for information about Ben

The mother of Ben Needham, who went missing from Kos 24 years ago this July , hopes an open letter to her son will prompt more people to come forward with information.

Kerry Needham posted the message on her website asking for anyone who believes they might be Ben to get in touch, and telling her son that she loves him.

The message has also been translated into Greek, to target certain Facebook communities in the country.

Monson inquest delayed until April

The family of Alexander Monson, the son of Lincolnshire peer Lord Nicolas Monson postponed a public inquest into his death, moments before it was to start yesterday in a Mombasa court.

Mr Monson died in police custody at Diani in Kenya in 2012.

The inquest was delayed by the family's lawyer Nifhit Maru, who said he needed time to scrutinise the extensive witness statements presented in a 500-page dossier. The inquest is now set to begin at the end of April this year.


Kerry Needham in direct appeal to Ben

The mother of missing toddler Ben Needham has issued a direct appeal to her son who went missing in Greece more than 20 years ago.

Ben Needham

Kerry Needham has written a message on her website asking for anyone who believes they might be Ben to get in touch, and telling her son that she loves him.

Ben, from Sheffield, vanished on July 24 1991 after travelling to the Greek island of Kos with Mrs Needham and his grandparents.

Over the years there have been a number of possible sightings and a range of theories about what happened to the youngster, who would now be 25.

The message, which is also translated into Greek on the Help Find Ben Needham website, reads: "This is a direct appeal to anyone who is around 25 years old and possibly living with a family who you look nothing like, I beg you to get in contact with me.

"I promise to cause no problems for your family who you live with, I just want you to know the truth about what happened to you and to know you are healthy and happy.

"A simple DNA sample can be taken from you without causing any distress to anyone. So if you think you were born in 1989 and you have blue/grey eyes and a possible birthmark on your leg, YOU could be Ben!!!<

"Twenty-three years have gone by Ben and I love you just as much today as I did the day you were born, please anyone get in touch and end all this pain your family feel living without you."

Last month, the Home Office agreed to fund a team of British detectives to help search for the youngster after Ben's family engaged human rights barrister Ian Brownhill to help them.

South Yorkshire Police asked for the financial help to follow up information the family believe has never been properly investigated.

The funding is for the financial year from April 2015 and is for up to £700,000.

Ben's family have said they want South Yorkshire Police to investigate leads, including a file they have handed in that lists eight separate sightings from unconnected people of a boy who could potentially be Ben with the same Greek family.

The Home Office backed a South Yorkshire Police operation in 2012 when land was excavated on Kos, near the farmhouse from where Ben went missing. No trace of the boy was found.

Last year, a DNA test on a young man featured in video footage shot in Cyprus proved negative.

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Body recovered from AirAsia crash identified as Briton

A body recovered following the AirAsia crash has been identified as Briton Choi Chi Man, the Foreign Office (FCO) said.

Chi Man Choi was among the 162 victims of the AirAsia disaster. Credit: LinkedIn

"His family have been informed and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time. We continue to provide assistance to the family," a spokesperson said.

Mr Chi Man is believed to have been travelling with his daughter Zoe on board Flight QZ8501 when it crashed into the Java Sea on December 28.

He was among the 155 passengers and seven crew who were killed in severe weather conditions.

At least 47 bodies have been recovered so far from the crash.

Homecoming for premature baby born in New York

A couple from Lincolnshire went on holiday to New York for a New Year break - only to end up having their baby nearly three months early, leaving them stranded in America for six weeks. Katie Amos and Lee Johnston's friend raised almost £12,000 through online donations to help them with living expenses whilst stuck in America - and medical costs which were later covered by their holiday insurance. The new parents and baby Dax have now finally been allowed to return home to Lincolnshire - after doctors decided their son was well enough to fly. Kate Hemingway reports.

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