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More bird flu cases could emerge in the UK, expert warns

British farmers should prepare themselves for the possibility that more bird flu cases could emerge in the coming days.

Keith Warner, president of the British Veterinary Poultry Association, issued a warning ahead of today's duck cull at East Yorkshire's Nafferton farm.

Staff put up a no entry sign on a farm in Nafferton, East Yorkshire, where measures to prevent the spread of bird flu are under way Credit: Steve Parkin/PA Wire

He said: "Everybody in the UK that owns birds in any number should be on biosecurity lockdown."


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Chicken and turkey safe to eat despite bird flu outbreak

Chicken and turkey remains safe to eat, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Liz Truss has told Parliament in the wake of a bird flu outbreak at a Yorkshire duck farm.

Asked whether consumers seeking to order Christmas birds such as turkeys would be affected, Ms Truss said: "Let's be clear, the Food Standards Agency have said it does not pose a risk for food safety for UK consumers - that's a very important point.

"The chicken and turkey people eat continues to be safe - this is a live animal disease."

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Infected birds to be killed 'as quickly as possible'

Current government guidelines stipulate that birds infected with avian flu are culled to prevent the spread of the disease.

Speaking to ITV News, a Defra spokesman said it was not clear whether the animals would be killed today, but preparations for the cull were underway.

6,000 ducks inhabit Lowthorpe Lane farm in the village of Nafferton, and they will all be killed following the confirmation of the outbreak.

Prof Andrew Easton, professor of virology at the University of Warwick, said:

The risk to the poultry industry is high and the current measures require that infected birds are killed as quickly as possible to stop spread to other flocks.

There is always concern that some strains of flu may be spread by wild birds and surveillance measures are also likely to be introduced in surrounding areas to check for the possibility of spread.

– Andrew Easton


Government officials remove dead ducks from bird flu farm

Government officials have been on the site of a duck breeding farm in Driffield today removing dead ducks and checking bio-security.

The government says there is a very low risk to human health and no risk to the food chain but has ordered the culling of six thousand ducks. Frazer Maude reports.

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Woman dies of bird flu in Egypt

A woman has died from Bird flu in Egpyt making her the second person to die from the virus in the country this year.

The 19-year-old woman raised chickens at home. She was admitted to hospital on November 10 but died today, officials said.

Health Ministry official Amr Kandil said the earlier fatality was in June. Since 2006, there have been 64 bird flu deaths in Egypt.

Most victims have been women and children who are traditionally tasked with caring for domestic poultry.

The bird flu H5N1 virus is hard to catch but has remained a threat.

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Yorkshire bird flu strain 'most likely' same as Netherlands

The outbreak of avian flu in a duck breeding farm in Yorkshire is "most likely" the same strain as the outbreak over the weekend in the Netherlands, ITV News understands.

The ducks on a farm in Nafferton, East Yorkshire. Credit: PA Wire

The particular strain of the virus - believed to be H5N8 in Yorkshire, the Netherlands and Germany - is extremely contagious between birds, raising fears that there will be more cases in Europe.

If confirmed as H5N8 it will be the first time this strain has been found in Europe - having previously only been in Japan and Korea.

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