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First World War poet's granddaughter speaks about his work

The granddaughter of one of the most famous First World War poets, Siegfried Sassoon, has told ITV News Central that her grandfather's words captured the feelings of a generation of young men, sent to fight in the trenches.

Kendall Sassoon, who lives in Kibworth in Leicestershire, says his writing is as poignant today, as it was a hundred years ago. Jane Hesketh reports.

Losing job due to blindness 'something you don't expect'

A man from Birmingham who lost his job after going blind says it is just something you don't expect to happen to you.

Bill Murdock, from Birmingham, now fears for his house because he's struggling to pay for his mortgage.

He is not alone though - with wages stagnant, savings have dwindled. One million people in the West Midlands have enough money put aside to get by for just three months if they lost their job - and a fifth wouldn't even last a month.


Bus driver fears losing house after going blind and losing 'enjoyable job'

A bus driver who fears he may lose his house after he lost his job when he went almost totally blind says it will be yet another thing the loss of his sight will have taken away.

Bill Murdock, from Birmingham, says he's lost an enjoyable job, and also his favourite social past-time of snooker.

The loss of his job has meant he can't keep up with mortgage repayments. That is something 670,000 people in the West Midlands would not be able to do if they lost their job, according to a new report.

West Midlands PCC by-election tomorrow: useful info

Bob Jones died last month
Bob Jones died last month Credit: ITV News Central

The by-election to replace Bob Jones as the Police and Crime Commissioner takes place tomorrow.

Voting takes place between 7am and 10pm, but you have to have been registered to vote by 5 August.

Who is standing for election?

To get more information on tomorrow's vote click here


Iraqis in Derby fear for lives of Yazidi relatives

Two people in Derby say they fear for the lives of their relatives, who are currently in northern Iraq.

David Sleman and Ysra Khalil's relatives are Yazidi, and they are at risk of being killed by Islamic extremists in Iraq, if they don't convert to Islam.

They also told ITV News that the worry is affecting their lives in the Midlands.

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