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West Midlands Weather: Mixture of sunshine and showers

Friday: A breezy day with a mixture of bright or sunny spells and scattered showers. The showers will be most likely in the north and west later in the day. Maximum temperature 19 deg C (66 deg F).

Outlook for Saturday to Monday: Sunshine and showers on Saturday with the breeze easing through the day. Sunday and Monday should be largely dry with variable cloud and some bright or sunny spells.


Police release body-cam riot training footage

Police have released body-cam training footage showing the dangers officers face during riots. These pictures from West Midlands Police are taken from a camera attached to an officer in training. They show an inspector leading a team of constables through a riot scenario staged in a hangar in Shropshire. They're pelted with petrol bombs and shrouded in smoke, designed to mimic real-life disorder.

Farmers break world record for Scarecrow gathering

Staff at the National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton-upon-Trent have broken the Guinness World Record for the largest number of scarecrows gathered in one place.

Scarecrow number 3,312 was lifted in to position today, breaking the previous record which was held in the USA.

Throughout the summer visitors to the farm have had chance to take part in the record attempt by bringing in a ready-made scarecrow or making one on site.

Farmer Tom Robinson hopes to hit 4,000 by the time the collection closes at the end of next week.


Stafford Hospital campaigners call on Health Secretary to visit

A group which is campaigning against maternity and paediatric services at Stafford Hospital being transferred next year have sent a letter to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt asking him to visit the hospital.

Campaginers say the hospital should be a beacon of health care and have asked Mr Hunt to personally intervene and stop what they call a "rushed and flawed process" to move services.

Scarecrow World Record smashed in Staffordshire

Scarecrow world record attempt
Scarecrow 3,312 was lifted in to place. Credit: ITV News Central

The world record for the largest display of scarecrows has been broken by a farm in Burton-upon-Trent.

Earlier today scarecrow number 3,312 was lifted into position at the National Forest Adventure Farm.

The farm's visitors will have topped the current Guinness World Record of 3,311 held in Cincinnati, USA.

Scarecrow Festival
Thousands of scarecrows on display at Burton-upon-Trent farm Credit: ITV News Central
ITV News Central
Scary scarecrows among the thousands of record breaking scarecrows on display. Credit: ITV News Central
Scarecrow Festival
National Forest Adventure Farm vow to continue collecting scarecrows. Credit: ITV News Central

Do you know this man caught flytipping?

Stoke-On-Trent Council
Man caught fly-tipping by body cameras Credit: Stoke-On-Trent Council

A man has been caught fly-tipping in a residential street in Stoke-on-Trent. The council have released a picture of him that was captured by a body camera worn by an enforcement officer.

The officer used the camera to video the man at a property on Bond Street in Tunstall just before 8am on Saturday 23rd August.

The man was challenged at the scene before making off on a bicycle.

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