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Twice as mild for Tuesday

Tomorrow could be up to 13 or 14c- twice as mild as we'd expect for the time of year! Photo: ITV Central

That's not surprising considering much of the country is under a veil of cloud today, but it hasn't affected our temperatures too adversely.

That mild, moist south-westerly airflow has really been doing the trick.

The warmest part of the East Midlands turned out to be Coningsby at 12c 54f.

The mildest part of the West Midlands was Pershore at 11.5c low 50's f.

Values have peaked now and areas around Shawbury are currently only managing 10c, 50f, but you can see that we really didn't need the sunshine to make the mercury rise.

Tonight, our lows will slip away to nearer a still mild 9c but tomorrow we could be up to 13 or 14c which is well above the normal seasonal daytime average of 8c, 46f - so it should feel twice as mild as we'd expect for the time of year! East of the Pennines will be prone to the warmest weather in the UK tomorrow.