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Second Costa Cruise worry for Midlands mother

Costa Allegra in Genoa's Harbour in Italy. Photo: PA

Jayne Thomas' daughter Rebecca is stranded on the Costa Allegra after a fire in its engine room left the ship drifting without power in the Indian ocean.

Rebecca is working as a dancer on the liner which is run by the same company as the Costa Concordia, which sank in Italy six weeks ago.

There are 600 passengers and around 400 crew on board the Costa Allegra, which lost power 200 miles away from the Seychelles.

Costa Concordia left adrift off coast of Madagascar Credit: Google Maps

It's reported those on board have had to sleep underneath blankets on the ship's decks as the power cut means it's too hot inside the ship.

Her son James, who is also a dancer, escaped when the Costa Concordia cruise ship capsized after it ran aground off the island of Giglio on January 13th.

The Costa Concordia after it ran aground in Italy Credit: ITV News

Mrs Thomas says James has no interest in working on a cruise ship again, after the disaster which killed 25 people and left a further seven people missing.

Former cruise ship dancer James Thomas Credit: ITV Central

Speaking on local radio, Jayne Thomas said:

"I thought it was a one-off and we wouldn't be going through this experience again. I really didn't think disaster could strike twice."Of all the ships that are sailing in the ocean, the two that have come into difficulties in the last few weeks have been the two that my children were on."

– Jayne Thomas

Mrs Thomas says she hasn't been able to get in touch with her daughter since she found out about the fire on board the Costa Allegra.

She has tried emailing her but because of the loss of power on the ship has not heard anything back.

Rebecca started working on the Costa Allegra last May and was due to stay on the liner until July.

The boat was making its way back to Europe having spent three months in the Indian Ocean when the fire broke out.

It's now being towed back to the nearest port 200 miles away in the Seychelles by a tug boat.

Armed guards are on the ship as there are fears it could be targetted by Somali pirates who operate in the area.