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Report due into police handling of murder case

The Ding family who were murdered in their own home Photo:

The Ding family were killed in Northampton last April on the day of the royal wedding.

Today's report by the Independents Police Complaints Commission is expected to address why the prime suspect, Anxiang Du, still hasn't been found.

Murder suspect Anxiang Du Credit: ITV Central

University lecturer Jifeng Ding, his wife Helen and their two daughters were found stabbed to death in their home in Northampton on May 1.

The prime suspect is thought to have fled to London after their deaths on April 29 and there were a number of sightings of him although he has never been found.

Jifeng Ding - murdered in his own home Credit: ITV Central
Helen Chui - murdered along with her husband and children Credit: ITV Central