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RAF prepares for potential terrorist attack at Olympic games

Safeguarding our skies. Armed services prepare for potential terrorist attack on Olympic Games Photo: ITV Central

He's meeting people from the RAF, the army and the navy to talk to them about the equipment they'll use during the Olympics to safeguard our skies.

Defence Secretary visits RAF Waddington Credit: ITV Central

Today's exercise is the first time that all of the armed forces involved in air surveillance have come together to show how they will best protect the games.

Crews from the aircraft and radar systems explained what their role will be during the London games.

Squadron leader, Max Kroyer, says 'Lethal force' a last resort.

"The big Puma behind me is a pure deterrent and we would be very unfortunate to say we had to use lethal force. We're hoping that a big green machine with some snipers in the back will be enough to deter whoever's up there. There's a whole host of measures we've got on board for escalation to warn the aircraft they're in a restricted area. So we've got signs and flash lights and things like that as well as rifles on board."

200 military personnel are involved in today's exercise code-named Taurus Mountain 2.

There will be a further exercise as the Olympics draw nearer and a restricted flying zone will be put in place across London.