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Workfare protests Nottingham

Campaigners opposed to the government’s controversial Workfare programme will stage protests in Nottingham today.

The targets will be stores such as Asda and Primark in an effort to persuade them to withdraw from the initiative.

Other retail giants such as Tesco have recently withdrawn from the scheme following widespread protests.

Notts Uncut and the Nottinghamshire Trades Union Council will be joined by students and others who who have been without work for many months. They claim the scheme which offers work experience but no salary is exploitative of young people.

This week the Employment Minister Chris Grayling confirmed that in future no one who did not want to take part would have their benefits cut . The minister has always insisted that it was a voluntary project, though, many protestors dispute this saying they felt there was undue pressure on the unemployed to take part for fear of losing their Job Seekers Allowance.