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Court hearing for Occupy Nottingham protesters

Occupy Nottingham camp today Photo: ITV Central

Protesters who've been camped out in Nottingham's Old Market Square since October are due to appear at a court hearing today as the city council tries to move on their camp site.

The 'Occupy Nottingham' protesters' tents were put up as part of an international campaign against banks and financial institutions who they blame for the current economic downturn.

There have been a number of high profile evictions from other protest camps in cities across the world, including the occupation of Wall Street in New York and more recently the Occupy St Paul's camp next to the London Stock Exchange.

Police evicting people from the Occupy St Pauls camp in London Credit: ITV News

At the height of the protests, there were protest camps in around 95 countries, and twenty cities in the UK, including Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester in the Midlands.

Few sites now remain, and Nottingham City Council has applied for a court order to evict dozens of people who've set up their tents in the city centre.

A Nottingham City Council spokesperson said the council has had "an increasing number of businesses and members of the public who have raised concerns" about the encampment.

Occupy Nottingham says it plans to continue its protest against the international financial system, and representatives from the group are expected to protest outside court today