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Murderer of young father from Nottingham loses appeal against conviction at High Court

Scene of shooting of Mark Shaw in Heatherington Gardens in Nottingham Photo: ITV Central

A man jailed for shooting dead his neighbour in Nottingham has had appeals against his sentence and conviction rejected at the Court of Appeal.

Mark Shaw, who was 24, died from a single gunshot wound to the head in a back garden in Heatherington Gardens in Top Valley in August 2010.

Mark Shaw died after being shot in 2010 Credit: ITV Central

HIs neighbour Gerald Keith Breslin, 39, was jailed for life in May last year and ordered to serve a minimum of 32 years behind bars.

Today Breslin asked High Court judges for permission to appeal both against the conviction and the minimum jail term.

Gerald Breslin was convicted for Mark Shaw's murder in May 2011 Credit: ITV Central

The court heard how Breslin and Mr Shaw had got into an argument at the victims flat and the gun was discharged.

Mr Shaw ran off but was followed by Breslin and shot his victim who was hiding in a garden nearby.

Breslin's lawyers have challenged the jury's verdict claiming the judge in the murder trial misdirected the panel in relation to the main witness in the case.

They also argued the original judge was wrong to give a jail term of 32 years which was above the minimum "starting point" of 30 years for gun murders.

Mr Justice Blake however said the sentence was entirely justified as there was a "degree of pre-meditiation" involved in the killing.

"There is no substance in the submission that the minimum term was manifestly excessive and this application is rejected,"

– Mr Justice Blake

The judge also refused permission for Breslin to appeal against his conviction.