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Jubilee tea set at miniature event

Miniatura jubilee tea-set Photo: Stokesaywear- Miniatura

Britain’s smallest Jubilee china tea set will be on display at an event at the NEC in Birmingham this weekend.

The tiny Jubilee Gold tea set is a replica dating from around 1795. It’s hand-made in finebone china and has been decorated with 22 karat gold. The inside of the cups, milk jug and sugar bowl are also gilded with 22 karat gold.

Miniature tea pot Credit: Stokesaywear- Miniatura

The tea pot is only 14mm high and each cup just 6mm, the commemorative 8 piece tea-for-two set will set one back £137.

“we bring together the most incredibly talented miniature crafts people from the UK and round the world all under one roof.”

The full miniature tea set on display at the NEC Credit: Stokesaywear- Miniatura

The set will be on display at the UK’s biggest miniatures and doll house event today and tomorrow.