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Birmingham hosts world premiere of ambitious new opera

Birmingham Opera Company's rehearsals for 'Life is a Dream' Photo: ITV Central

Birmingham Opera Company is celebrating 25 years of success with its latest show ‘Life is a Dream’ which has its world premiere at the Argyle Works in Digbeth tonight.

Life is a Dream is based on the famous Spanish play by 17th century playwright Caldéron de la Barca and features an international cast headed by American baritone Eric Greene.

He will be supported by a vast chorus and acting company drawn from the local community in the West Midlands.

Birmingham Opera Company has built up a reputation for performances which break the boundaries of traditional opera and ‘Life is a Dream’ is no exception.

Tonight’s performance is set in a disused warehouse and allows the audience to walk around amongst the cast rather than sitting in traditional seats.

Director Graham Vick says he wants to make Opera accessible to the masses

"The only reason people think its for rich people is because it gets performed in big red and gold theatres for high ticket prices - the truth is that is you put it in familiar surroundings what opera is about, who it speaks to is the same for everybody- its about you, its about me and everybody can respond to it."

– Graham Vick, Director

The Opera will be performed until the 31st of March.