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Man evicted from home for keeping two ponies and a pig

The Gloucester Old spot found in a house in Derby Photo: ITV Central News

A man from Derby has been evicted from his home of six years for keeping two Shetland ponies and a 14 stone Gloucester Old Spot pig as pets.

He is said to have been in his forties but is unnamed.

The house is in Kingsley Street in the Sinfin area of Derby.

This is the back garden of the man's house in Derby Credit: ITV Central News

The carpets were muddied and covered in droppings, and rooms were so full of boxes of junk that officials could not get into them.

It is thought the pig had been kept at the house for a year.

Maria Murphy from Derby Homes says, "The condition inside this house is nothing short of a disgrace.

In thirty years of working in housing management I've never seen such wilful neglect.

However, something must have triggered this in the individual's life.

The deterioration has occurred in less than twelve months and I'd urge anyone who's finding it difficult to cope to contact us rather than hide away."

"In thirty years of working in housing management I've never seen such wilful neglect"

– Maria Murphy, Derby Homes

The man's neighbours complained about the smells coming from his house, which led to an investigation and his subsequent eviction.

A next door neighbour says the smells drifted through a vent between the properties.

Derby Homes says it will cost £15,000 to make the house inhabitable and the tenant is currently being chased by Derby County Council for this money.

When housing officials and the RSPCA turned up to evict the tenant on March 15th after gaining an eviction notice from court, the tenant took the pig away.

Council officials are now trying to trace his whereabouts.

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