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A ball from Rooney breaks boy's wrist at United game

Jamie Thomas broke his wrist at his first Manchester United game Photo: ITV News

A young Manchester United fan from Shropshire has broken his wrist after trying to block a stray shot from Wayne Rooney.

Nine-year-old Jamie Thomas was at his first United game at Molineaux against Wolverhampton on Sunday when it happened.

After taking his seat with his Dad, they watched the players warming up on the pitch when Jamie tried to block the force of a wayward shot from Rooney.

Jamie’s mother, Leanne Thomas said: “I thought he’d just bruised it and, see how it goes, but actually when we took him to the hospital he had a clean break on the X-Ray.”

The force of the shot broke Jamie’s wrist, which meant he was only able to watch half the game.

“It was like shooting pains,” Jamie said, “coming up to the top and going back down, it just felt bruised and broken.”

On Twitter, Wayne Rooney wrote:

I want to apologise to Jamie Thomas, I have arranged for a letter and a signed shirt to be sent to his home address #getwellsoon**"

– Wayne Rooney on Twitter