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Trial continues over murder of former Leicester police officer

Former Leicester police officer Paul Fyfe Photo: ITV Central

A court has heard how a drug dealer murdered a former Leicester police officer, before dumping the murder weapon and his mobile sim card, to get rid of the evidence and turn the blame on his friend.

22-year-old Ameen Jogee denies murdering Paul Fyfe and told police it was his friend Mohammed Hirsi who was responsible.

Mr Nigel Rumfitt, QC who was defending Hirsi at Nottingham Crown Court alleged that Jogee had lied to police.

Jogee and Hirsi both deny murdering Mr Fyfe at his girlfriend’s home in Rowlatts Hill, Leicester, last June.

The jury was told it was Hirsi who stabbed Mr Fyfe through the heart whilst he tried to protect his girlfriend, Niomi Reid, but Mr Rumfitt has alleged it was Jogee who was responsible.

The trial heard that another witness, Abdul Talab, received a message from Jogee about a knife and a killing, under half an hour after the first 999 call was made.

The murder weapon has never been found.

Mr Rumfitt said Jogee disposed of the phone's Sim card, which was later found in his front garden by the police.

He claimed Jogee disposed of the Sim card to get rid of the evidence from texts and calls made to people including Mr Talab, Ms Reid and her husband, who is in prison serving a lengthy term for drug offences.

The court has heard evidence from Ms Reid who said she saw Hirsi stab Mr Fyfe.

But Mr Rumfitt called her a "dreadful liar" and said he thought she had lied to police because she was worried her children might be taken away from her if they knew she had been in contact with drug dealers like Jogee.

Mrs Frances Oldham, defending Jogee, said: "Jogee is a drug dealer... he was Niomi Reid's supplier that is his background but that does not make him a murderer.

Jogee, of Dronfield Street, Spinney Hills, Leicester, and Hirsi, of Halstead Street, Spinney Hills, Leicester, both deny murder.

The trial continues at Nottingham Crown Court.