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42 years for killers of former Leicestershire policeman

Paul Fyfe, former Leicestershire Police Officer Photo: ITV Central

The killers of former Leicestershire Police officer Paul Fyfe have been sentenced to a total of 42 years behind bars.

A jury returned verdict in the trial of two men accused of murdering a former Leicestershire police officer.

Ameen Jogee, 22, and Mohammed Hirsi, 25, both denied killing Paul Fyfe, 47, at his girlfriend's home.

Ameen Hassan Jogee and Mohammed Adnam Hirsi accused of the murder of Paul Fyfe

He died from a single stab wound at the home of his girlfriend Niomi Reid in the early hours of June 10 last year.

Jogee claimed his friend Hirsi was responsible for the stabbing and that he showed him the knife after the pair ran away from the scene. But the defence claimed that Hirsi said Jogee, a drug dealer, "lied his head off" to police.

Naomi Reid, Paul Fyfe's girlfriend, said it was Hirsi who stabbed her boyfriend in the hallway of her home in Rowlatts Hill while Jogee egged him on from the doorstep.

When arrested just hours after the murder, Jogee told police Hirsi had "laughed like it was a joke" and licked the blade of the knife in front of him once they had left the scene.

But Mr Rumffitt, for he defence, claimed Jogee who was responsible for the murder and had then tried to pin the blame on his friend.

Witness, Abdul Tala, told the court he received a text message from Jogee that sid something about a knife and a killing less than half an hour after the first 999 call was made. The court heard how Jogee's sim card was found in his front garden by police following the stabbing.

Mr Rumfitt QC claimed Jogee disposed of the murder weapon, which has never been found.