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Cancer survivor rewarded for fundraising efforts

Among the 5,000 runners who will take part in this weekend's National Lottery Olympic Park run, is a courageous woman who survived cancer.

Six years ago, Julie Smith-Yeomans was told she was going to die.

She had discovered a lump in her breast, and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The disease had also spread to her lungs and liver.

Unless faced with this scenario, it is difficult to predict how anyone would react.

Julie's response however was to carry on with life as normal, and to keep as busy as possible.

Improvements in cancer treatment mean that Julie proved her doctors wrong.

She is still very much alive and still incredibly busy.

Julie remains very active Credit: ITV Central

Julie was nominated for the run by one of her colleagues.

At her office, she regularly organises charity cake sales to raise money for cancer research.

Her co-workers describe how her smiling face and happy nature cheers up their office.

Julie organises charity cake sales to raise money for cancer research Credit: ITV Central

Julie also volunteers at her local nature reserve. Keeping fit and keeping busy are a priority for Julie, who cycles to work and exercises in the gym every day.

She says she cannot wait to get to London to take part in the run on March 31st.

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