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Queuing for fuel continues throughout the day

Filling stations run dry across the region Photo: ITV Central News

The fuel tanker drivers’ union has ruled out the threat of strikes over Easter – but today what appeared to be panic buying carried on at the pumps across the Midlands.

Some filling stations ran dry. And those with fresh supplies soon found themselves with long queues.

One motorist said he was furious, another said the situation was ridiculous.

A driver who travelled more than 60 miles from Nottingham to Worcestershire to visit the West Midland Safari Park almost ran out of diesel en route.

He said he hadn’t realised supplies were so low.

He managed to fill up – but only by paying for the higher grade, and more expensive, diesel.

At one garage in Kidderminster, people parked on the forecourt even though all supplies of fuel had run out.

They said they had near-empty petrol tanks – and had heard rumours of a tanker delivery.

Luckily for them, the tanker did arrive with 37,000 litres of fresh supplies.

Within minutes a queue had formed along the main road outside the garage.

A store in Ripley, Derbyshire, has been selling hundreds of jerry cans.

One store has seen a dramatic rise in the sale of jerry cans Credit: ITV Central News

This follows advice from a government minister for people to store fuel.

But that advice has been condemned by safety campaigners, saying storing fuel at home can be highly dangerous.

One woman in Yorkshire has been badly burned because of an accident at home.

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