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Youth club saved from closure

Children creating artwork at Wigmore youth club. Photo: ITV Central

Wigmore youth club lost part of its funding when the government announced cuts to youth services 18 months ago.

Project director Mary Simpson said: “We’ve always tried to raise money from our building in order to complement other grants that we can get and it just became very tough so we had to look at our building and get really creative about what we could do with it.”

Children creating artwork at Wigmore youth club. Credit: ITV Central

Volunteers decided to turn the building into an art gallery and have already developed a waiting list of artists from across the country wanting to display their work there.

They’re also giving up their free time to hold workshops with the children, helping them develop their own artistic talent.

Helena Orlowski is a Canadian artist. She said: "It's lovely to have a place to hang out in where people take an interest in you and what you do and so to have all these artists coming along of their own good will and bringing supplies is great."

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