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Reaction to last night's "big bang"

There is one question being asked by many people this morning. "Did you hear it?"

A loud bang heard across parts of the West Midlands last night has now been identified as a sonic boom caused by two Typhoon aircraft. The MoD says they were responding to an emergency signal from a civilian helicopter.

A loud bang heard across parts of the Midlands was from a sonic boom caused by Typhoon aircraft. Credit: PA

Ministry of Defence statement: "A small civilian aircraft was transmitting inadvertently on an emergency frequency at approximately 1810.

"Two typhoons from the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) responded accordingly and authorisation was given from them to go supersonic, which resulted in the sonic boom."

Dan Cross, bar and restaurant supervisor at Millsy's in Earlsdon, Coventry, said:

"It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. I thought somebody had dropped one of the big ovens in there. It was a really loud bang and the room shook and all the wine glasses on the rack shook.

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