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Father heard 'fatal crash impact' - court hears

Tariq Jahan, father of Haroon Jahan Photo: PA

The father of a man who was killed during last summer's riots when he was hit by a car has described hearing the fatal impact as he stood in a nearby street.

Haroon Jahan, 20, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31, were hit by a black Mazda car during disorder in the Winson Green area of Birmingham in the early hours of August 10th.

They were pronounced dead in hospital and eight defendants are charged with their murders.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that the three men had been part of a group gathered in the area to protect shops and businesses from looters.

(From left) Haroon Jahan, 20, and brothers Shazad Ali, 30, and Abdul Musavir, 31 Credit: PA

Tariq Jahan told Birmingham Crown Court that he and his two sons had joined other local men to "stand up" for the community on the evening of August 9th.

Mr Jahan told the jury he was outside his home in Winson Street talking to his wife, who was standing on the doorstep, when his son Haroon was hit by the car in Dudley Road.

He said: "I heard the roar of an engine...a car was being driven at high speed.

"I carried on speaking to my wife but it was loud, it was late.

"I could hear the engine revving, it was getting closer.

"It went past the Winson Street junction. I heard the noise go past.

"(I heard) a loud thud. To me it sounded like a car crash, a car hitting something."

Prosecutor Tim Spencer QC told the court Mr Jahan then made his way to the scene, where he was called over to his son's body on the ground.

Opening the prosecution case last week, the prosecutor described the collision as "the modern day equivalent of a chariot charge".

The eight defendants all deny three counts of murder.

The trial continues.

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