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Tariq Jahan gives evidence in the Winson Green murder trial

Haroon Jahan, Shezad Ali and Abdul Musavir were killed in Winson Green in Birmingham Photo: Reuters

This morning the jury has heard of the role that Tariq Jahan played in the hours leading up to the moment his son Haroon died.

Mr Jahan said he'd spent several hours visiting local businesses, persuading them to close after seeing pictures of rioting and looting on the news. He said the community had decided they needed to come together to defend their properties.

The court heard that Mr Jahan had "volunteered" his sons to help. They were both boxers and well known in the community.

Haroon, Shazad and Musaver died in August last year Credit: ITV Central

He told how a crowd had gathered on Dudley Road in Winson Green, and were getting "riled" as he called it by cars driving up and down. He said some people were carrying sticks and stones and they started shouting if they saw people inside cars wearing balaclavas.

Mr Jahan explained that he had to remind the younger members of the group that they were there to protect and defend.

Eight men deny three counts of murder.

The trial continues.

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