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Teenager found guilty of schoolboy murder

Schoolboy Yemurai Kanyangarara was stabbed after he got off a bus in London Photo: Metropolitan Police / PA

A teenager has been found guilty of murdering a schoolboy from Leicester.

Yemurai Kanyangarara, 16, was stabbed in the neck on July 1st last year, in Upper Wickham Lane in London.

He had left London for the East Midlands, but went back to sit an exam.

Osman Bangura, 16, was today found guilty of Yemurai’s murder.

Issac Walters, 15, was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter.

A third boy, aged 16, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found not guilty of both manslaughter and murder.

Bangura and Walters will both be sentenced on June 6th.

Osman Bangura (left) who was found guilty of murder of Yemurai Kanyangarara and Isaac Walters who was found guilty of manslaughter Credit: Metropolitan Police / PA

Yemuair's mother, Sharon Jambawo, said:

"At the time of my son's murder I had no words to describe my intense pain and sorrow. There will be no closure at the time of the jury's verdict, just knowledge that I have to learn to live each day without my one and only child by my side.

Every bedtime is a struggle to walk past Yemurai's bedroom without a goodnight kiss and "I love you mum." All my wonderful memories of my son are overshadowed by the pain and trauma of Yemurai's violent murder. Yemurai was only sixteen years old just a child when he was brutally murdered on that warm and sunny afternoon.

The actions and words of these dysfunctional youths showed a lack of respect for human life and a blatant disregard for authority. Their actions directly after the murder of my son were cold, calm and calculated. I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to those kind hearted Samaritans who desperately tried to assist Yemurai. Also those members of the public who despite their fears and concerns attended court and gave evidence.

I want to thank the crown prosecution service including Barry Graves, Peter Finnegan and Miss Katherine Buckle for their dedication throughout this trial.

My final thanks are reserved for the police who have supported me throughout this horrendous ordeal and brought the offenders swiftly to justice, removing these evil individuals from mainstream society. I would actively encourage the public to support the police in removing offensive weapons from our streets and protecting the public.

Finally, I would like to add I am so proud to be Yemurai's mother, he was a popular young man with many friends. Yemurai had everything to live for and I will miss him forever."

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