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Silverstone trials electric cars on the race track

Eco cars are the types of cars we could be driving over the next few years Photo: ITV Central

The Silverstone race circuit is known worldwide as the home of Formula One's British Grand Prix.

Recently it's been hosting a different kind of race where electric engines have taken over from petrol power.

Electric and low Co2 vehicles are what we could be driving over the next few years.

But unless the lucrative fleet market adopts the new technology the switch away from petrol and diesel will be a slow one.

The fleet managers, some of whom are responsible for hundreds of vehicles, need to be convinced that going green is a viable option.

All the manufacturers showcasing their vehicles at Silverstone have their own take on what we want from an environmentally friendly vehicle, this being the smallest.

Getting behind green technology is one way car makers are trying to keep us on the road.

With fuel prices soaring they know many families may be forced to cut down on car use.

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