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Industrial strike action for the region's workers

Protests in London Photo: ITV News

Thousands of public sector workers are venting their anger over the coalition's cuts agenda today.

Hospital workers, immigration staff, job centre staff and customs officers are staging a 24 hour stoppage over changes to their pensions.

They are furious that they face having to work up to eight years longer for less money at the end of their service.

Unions protesting outside Westminster Credit: ITV News

Off duty police officers are also taking part in a day of action.

They are protesting outside the Home Office at the Houses of Parliament in London.

They are angered by the reform of the service which they claim will badly affect pay levels, pension payments and ultimately service to the public.

Police officers from Lincolnshire travelling to London Credit: Rajiv Popat

In Lincolnshire a multi-million pound contract has been signed with a private security firm to run back room services - the police federation are worried more forces will feel compelled to follow the same path.

The government is bringing in 20% cuts to police budgets.

The Police Minister Nick Herbert said today that the coalition is on the side of the police force who do a valuable job.

He pointed out that the pension on offer is a good one and better than that available to many other public sector workers.

He said it is only fair that the police are subject to some of the tough decisions being made as the government fights to bring down the deficit.

Police have travelled down to London on their days off. Some have come straight from the night shift. The march begins at 12 noon.

Police badge against the cuts Credit: Rajiv Popat

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