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Mum turned down operation to save baby

Dani Jackson was willing to sacrifice her life for her unborn baby Photo:

A young woman from Nottingham has described how she refused life-saving treatment for cancer to save her unborn baby.

Doctors advised Dani Jackson from Aspley to have an abortion so theycould operate to remove a tumour from her lung.

But Miss Jackson, who was 21 weeks pregnant, was prepared to sacrificeher own life for her baby.

She saw the pregnancy through and eventually gave birth to a daughter Rennae.

Four weeks later, Miss Jackson had successful surgery to remove half her lung.

The 22 year old, who has never smoked in her life, is now free of thedisease and mother and daughter are doing fine.

Proud parents Dani and Jason with their daughter, Rennae Credit: ITV Central News

She wants to tell her story to warn others that lung cancer can strike at any age.

Miss Jackson and Rennae's father, Jason, now plan to cap an extraordinary year by getting married in September.