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Greyhound racing returns to Coventry

It's three years since greyhounds raced around the track at the Brandon Stadium on the outskirts of Coventry. But on Sunday they will return.

Harry Findlay, says he's putting money into a sport that he says he's made plenty from.

"It's a great track and because the speedway has continued here everything has been maintained, it's all pretty much ready to go".

– Harry Findlay

Findlay believes his knowledge of the greyhound world will make this latest attempt to bring in big spending punters to the track a success.

There was some opposition to the return of greyhound racing at the stadium, with concerns for animal welfare, to which Mr Findlay said "Just look at my welfare record. I've sponsored retired greyhounds and I have re-homed over 60 of the greyhounds I've worked with".

He added "I'd like to think times in the past when greyhounds were not looked after properly are a thing of the past, they certainly will be (looked after) here".

Initially racing will take place in the evenings on Thursdays, Saturdays and occasional Sundays, but long term there are plans to hold races in the mornings to try to attract interest to the events right across Europe.