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Headteacher criticises decision for teacher strike

Teachers at Kimberley School are set to strike later this month Photo: ITV Central

The headteacher of a Nottinghamshire secondary school says he is disappointed that some staff have chosen to go on strike over plans to become an academy.

Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) at the Kimberley School voted by 79% to take industrial action.

ITV Central has learnt that there will be a one-day stoppage on 29th May, followed by a further two days of strikes on 13th and 14th June.

It comes in the middle of the busy exam period.

Headteacher Chris Teal said governors have assured staff that converting to an academy will not affect their terms and conditions.

He added that the move would bring in an extra £700,000 in funding to the school.

Mr Teal also denied suggestions that the school had a done a U-turn over the decision to go down the academy route.

He said governors had first looked at the issue in February but decided to seek further information about the impact on the school. Last month, they voted in favour of conversion.

As an academy, the Kimberley School would be directly funded from the Government instead of Nottinghamshire County Council and would have freedom to set its own admission policies and holiday patterns.

The NUT claims the change will leave the school less democratically accountable, and cost it more in the long run as it will have to spend more buying in services that it previously took in from the local authority.

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