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Alloy the Kitten freed from car wheel

A kitten that got her head stuck in a car wheel has been freed by RSPCA staff in Birmingham.

The ten-week-old kitten was found in a shed with her head wedged in a wheel after the homeowner heard her cries for help

Alloy the Kitten found in a Birmingham shed Credit: RSPCA

The kitten, named Alloy by staff at the RSCPA, and her siblings were born to a feral cat in a garden shed in Medlicott Road, Birmingham.

“I tried to free Alloy at the scene using margarine but it was impossible so I knew I was going to need help. I took her to Birmingham Animal Hospital where after about one hour we finally managed to get her free using KY jelly.

"I did at one point think I was going to have to take the tyre to the fire service so Alloy could be cut free so it was such a relief when she was successfully freed."

– Herchran Boal, RSPCA inspector
Alloy stuck in the car wheel Credit: RSPCA

The ten-week-old kitten is now recovering in isolation at RSPCA Birmingham Animal Hospital where she is receiving treatment for her eyes.

Alloy the Kitten recovering in hospital Credit: RSPCA

If you have a feral cat in your garden that has kittens I would ask people to please check for hazards and remove potentially dangerous substances and hazards. Kittens arenaturally curious animals and they will explore as Alloy did.”

– Herchran Boal, RSPCA inspector

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