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Olympic champion gives free swimming lesson

Olympic champion Rebecca Addlington is teaching children to swim Photo: ITV Central

Children in Coventry will get a free swimming lesson from Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Addlington later today.

The swimmer from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire will use a portable pool to show the youngsters at Barr's Hill School in Coventry how to swim.

The lesson marks the return of the British gas Pools 4 Schools initiative, a scheme which brings a portable pool to the area to teach local children to swim for free.

Rebecca Addlington Olympic gold medalist takes the plunge Credit: ITV Central

This will be the third time the pool has visited Coventry where more than 1,000 children have previously been taught to swim.

Rebecca, who hopes to become the first British swimmer to defend two Olympic gold medals at this years games, will join the school children in an assembly before plunging into the pool.

This follows a report last week from the Amateur Swimming Association that revealed one in three children leave primary school unable to swim one length.

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