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Engelbert Humperdinck thanks Eurovision fans from the Midlands for support

'The Hump' with Correspondent Mike Pearse in Baku. Photo: itv central

Many have spent thousands of pounds to make the five and a half hour journey by air.It is the furthest they have ever had to travel for a contest and include local from towns near to where Mr Humperding lives in Leicester.Never before has the contest been held so far from the UK.In an exclusive interview before the final the 76 year-old spoke to our correspondent Mike Pearse.

Engelbert Humperdink is the oldest person to represent the UK in the 57 year history of the competition.He said he was "proud to represent the UK and would give the performance of his career on Saturday."He is called "The Hump" by fans and first had a number one hit with his classic Please Release Me in the 1960's.He will sing Only love will set you free which will open the show.Fans says while he may be an unusual choice they will back and support him.

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