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Midlands lunch guests sit down with The Queen at Westminster Hall

The Queen will be lunching with people from the Midlands today Photo: PA

People from the Midlands have been invited to join The Queen today at her Diamond Jubilee Lunch at Westminster Hall, hosted by the Livery.

Brad Steele, a stonemason from Warwickshire and Angela Weiss from Nottingham, who trains Paralympian horse riders are just two of the people attending today.

For their lunch today they will have:

  • Salmon Lyme Bay crab
  • Cambrian mountain lamb
  • Braised shoulder of mutton with Jubilee sauce
  • Jersey wild potatoes
  • Isle of Wight asparagus
  • Chocolate Delice
  • Bread and butter pudding
  • Berry compote

To drink:

  • Sandringham apple juice
  • NYW timber sparkling English wine

Entertainment for the event will be provided by the National Children's orchestra of Great Britain, where Harry Smith from Nottingham will play the tuba.

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