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Weather warning with heavy showers

Weather warning - heavy showers Photo: ITV Central

If you are still thinking of what to buy for Father's Day how about an umbrella? It will be very useful this weekend!

Low Pressure is dominating our weather, it is sitting in southern Ireland but will be moving across the Midlands this weekend bringing more unsettled conditions.

Last night a band of rain spread north, many of us saw around 20mm of rain and windy conditions too. That rain has now cleared but has been replaced with heavy showers. The showers are likely to be blustery and thundery too.

Temperatures will reach 18 Celsius, not far off the average for June. Tonight the showers will ease and many places will be dry, we'll just see some rain spilling in from Wales later in the night, setting the scene for tomorrow.

The East will start dry tomorrow the West Midlands wet and that rain will spread east through the day, turning increasingly showery in the afternoon. Once again the showers will be heavy and thundery.

Temperatures will dip to 13 Celsius in the showers. Be aware there is a Met Office Yellow Alert in place for heavy shower today and tomorrow expect localised flooding and standing water on the roads.

Low to moderate pollen levels Credit: ITV Central

The unsettled conditions are helping us out with pollen levels, they will be low to moderate over the next 48 hours.