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Parents anger as NHS says their daughter is overweight

Five-year-old Lily, her parents say she has a good diet and plenty of healthy exercise Photo: ITV Central

The parents of a five-year-old girl from Selly Oak say they are angry after receiving a letter from the NHS which says their fit and healthy child is "overweight".

Ann and Matt James say they won't be putting their daughter Lily on a diet because she is not fat at all.

Mr and Mrs James say Lily loves fruit and veg and is constantly running about, burning up energy.

They say Lily loves exercise, goes swimming every week, and eats a healthy diet.

But according to the NHS, her body mass index which is based on weight, age and height, puts her in the overweight category.

Birmingham Community Healthcare which is screening hundreds of children to improve health, told Central Tonight.

"The gradual increase in the number of children who are overweight means society has collectively become used to it.

So it can be difficult to tell whether an individual child is clinically overweight as they may look similar to other children of their age."

– Birmingham Community Healthcare

Lily's parents say she has a good diet and plenty of healthy exercise and they have no plans to change a thing.