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Police say Lianne Smith appeared 'calm and normal' after killing her children

Lianne Smith arriving at court yesterday Photo: PA Pictures

A Spanish police officer has described how a woman appeared 'calm and normal' after killing her two young children.

Lianne Smith, who lived in Lichfield has admitted asphyxiating them with a plastic bag in a hotel room in a holiday resort at Hotel Miramar in Lloret de Mar, Spain.

At her trial in Girona this morning, the receptionist at Hotel Miramar told the jury the 45 year old had checked in with her two children, 11 month old Daniel and 5 year old Rebecca, and paid to stay for several nights.

Hotel Miramar where the bodies of the children were found Credit: ITV Central

On the afternoon of the 18th May 2010 Lianne Smith appeared at the reception and asked for the Police and an Ambulance to be called.

"Why" the receptionist asked her? "I will explain to them" Lianne responded.

The first officer on the scene knocked on the hotel room door, Lianne opened it, she was 'calm and normal' and gestured to the bed.

The officer told the jury the sheets were pulled up on the bed, he pulled them back to reveal the lifeless bodies of 11 month old Daniel and 5 year old Rebecca.

All the time Lianne Smith sat in the corner "she did not scream, she did not cry" he told the court.

Lianne Smith admits asphyxiating her daughter Rebecca Smith Credit: ITV Central

As Lianne Smith has already admitted killing the children, the trial in Girona will decide whether she is criminally repsonsible for the deaths.

If found guilty, she faces up to 38 years in jail.

Her defence team want her acquitted as they say she was suffering a 'psychiatric disturbance' at the time, brought on by the arrest of her partner Martin Smith.

He was arrested in Barcelona a few days before the children died on suspicion of abusing a young girl for several years.

Martin Smith was jailed for his crimes in the UK and found dead in jail in January.

This afternoon in Girona, Lianne Smith's mother is due to give evidence to the court.

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