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Police search for Nicola Payne missing for 21 years

Nicola Payne went missing 21-years ago Photo: ITV Central

Police investigating the death of teenager Nicola Payne, who went missing in Coventry 21 years ago, are due to start searching an area of parkland in the city later today.

It's after detectives received new information in relation to her disappearance on her way home from her parents house in the Wood End area of the city in 1991.

Previous searches for the body of Nicola Payne who went missing in 1991 Credit: ITV Central

Officers will use special equipment to X-ray the ground and metal detectors during the investigations.

The searches are expected to take several days to complete.

Nicola Payne pictured with her baby son Owen Credit: ITV Central

Over the years suspicion fell on several convicted killers but no evidence was ever found that she had been killed.

She was just 18 when she vanished, and had a seven-month-old son.

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