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Timeshare scam warning - couple conned out of thousands

Enoch and Gertrude Price have been conned out of thousands Photo: Central News

An elderly couple are warning others to take extra care after failing victim to a timeshare scam.

Enoch and Gertrude Price have worked hard all their lives to save up for their retirement. Now in their 90's, the couple from Nottingham had decided to sell their timeshare in Malaga when a firm rang them saying they had a buyer.

After numerous calls and demands for administrative fees Enoch and Gertrude eventually realised they'd been conned. The total cost - almost four thousnd pounds.

According to Paul Gretton the head of the East Midlands Trading Standards 'Scambusters' team cases like this aren't unique. He says the scammers often deliberately target the elderly, using a powerful mix of charm and persuasion. And once someone has been conned their details are often passed on to other those who've been conned