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Care crisis in the East Midlands?

A new survey released for Carers' Week shows that thousands of unpaid carers are putting their health at risk to care for loved ones.

There are half a million unpaid carers in the East Midlands alone. They pass on savings of £8 million to the government.

A new report, In Sickness and Health, surveyed more than three thousand carers. 77% of them said caring had a negative effect on their health.

Roger Firth, a retired Derby College lecturer of Physics became clinical depressed when he was caring for his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis.

"Caring for a loved one with a degenerative disease like MS is something you can't help doing. But it is a physically and mentally challenging job. I struggled for a long time before it was confirmed that I had clinical depression, but you can't help but push through the difficulty. You can't stop caring, even when you're not able to."

– Roger Firth, Carer

The MS Society - one of eight partners involved in Carers' Week - is calling for more to be done to support carers in the East Midlands to prevent them from putting their health in jeopardy.

Barbara Williams from the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Carers Week is calling for sustainable social care funding, better signposting and access to support services and for regular health checks to be offered to carers.

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