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Help needed for boy with serious medical conditions

Three year old Reece requires constant care Photo: Jane Hesketh

Three year old Reece is a lovely, happy little boy. He enjoys going to nursery and playing with his friends. But he also has some serious medical conditions, which means he needs 24 hour care.

He's been living with his foster family in Leicester since he was 11 months old, after his mother had to reluctantly ask social services for help.When he was born he had trouble breathing, so he had a tracheostomy tube put into his neck. He also has difficulties eating and has a tube in his stomach.

Reece's mum Sara Credit: Jane Hesketh

Reece can't talk , but he can communicate usingsign language.None of his disabilities have stopped him from growing and developing and having fun. All those around him know he may not live for many more years, and so try to make as many memories for him as they can.He's bright and inquisitive and everyone who meets him, loves him.

Reece can only communicate using sign-language Credit: Jane Hesketh

But even his foster parents, Yvonne and Eric need a break from the round the clock care a disabled child like Reece needs. Social Workers are looking to recruit more carers for children with severe medical conditions to give foster families the odd break.

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