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Mystery of the piglet baffles park staff

Al is being kept warm by staff at the park after hours of being left in the cold Photo: Wheelgate Theme Park

Staff at a theme park in Mansfield made a surprise discovery Friday morning as they found baby 'Al' the piglet in their Alpaca pen.

The surprise finding at Wheelgate Family Theme Park was particularly unexpected as they only have one other pig at the attraction in the form of Dave the Male Kune Kune Pig.

The hunt for Al's mother continues as how he came to be in the park remains a mystery Credit: Wheelgate Theme Park

The week old piglet has required a lot of care from staff as he had been in the cold for a long period of time.

The staff at the park have been trying to trace the mother of the piglet to no avail.

Despite contacting all local farms and local farm parks being fruitless the search for Al's mum continues.