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Birmingham Airport urges The Government to make full use of regional airports

The Olympic rings at Birmingham Airport Photo: ITV Central

In a report out today, Birmingham Airport has called to press ahead with the major expansion of regional airports - like the one at Birmingham.

The Government is being urged to switch its focus from new runway development in the south-east to expanding established airports around the country.

The proposal is being put to MPs tonight in Westminster by the Chief Executive of Birmingham Airport, Paul Kehoe.

It would mean a massive increase in flights - which would cause more noise for those along the fight paths.

"This report is my challenge to policy-makers to think beyond a single hub model that has become rigid aviation orthodoxy, and to consider alternative approaches that can deliver the airport capacity we need, today.

"The alternative approach that I am putting forward is a balanced aviation strategy that makes full use of Britain's existing airports and that will deliver benefits to the UK more efficiently, more quickly and at a lower cost than any other proposal on the table."

– Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive, Birmingham Airport