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Highlights of day 45 of the Olympic Torch Relay, Coventry to Leicester

Torchbearer 029 Katherine Spaughton carrying the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay leg between Rugby and Dunchurch. Photo: PA

The Torch began its 45th day with a huge crowd cheering as it left Coventry's Transport Museum.

All of the 8000 Torches used in the Relay were manufactured in Coventry.

The Torch was carried by 17-year-old Ali Abdillahi, four years ago he arrived in Britain as an asylum seeker from Somalia.

Now his future looks promising as he has passed 9 GCSE's and has been signed to Coventry City's Academy.

The Olympic Torch leaving Coventry Transport Museum this morning carried by 17-year-old Ali Abdillahi Credit: ITV Central

The Flame continued along its route past Coventry Cathedral, each road streamed with cheering people, before reaching the Midlands only Olympic venue at Coventry City Football Club.

The Olympic rings on the roundabout outside CCFC Stadium Credit: ITV Central

The celebrations were echoed as the torch progressed through the Midlands before making a private stop at Princess Diana's family home and resting place Althorp House.

Earl Spencer with his wife Countess Karen Spencer and Torchbearer Fiona Warner outside Althorp House Credit: ITV Central

The Flame reached Althorp House as Diana's brother Earl Spencer stood with his wife Countess Spencer waiting with 60 children from local schools who were there to take part in a mini Olympics with 500 others.

Resting place of Lady Diana Spencer, today a mini Olympics is taking place with 550 children from local schools Credit: ITV Central

From Althorp House the Torch went onto Northampton with the streets once again lined with cheering people.

Among the carriers was a friend of two men who were killed in Florida last year.

Paul Davies set up a charity in memory of James Cooper from Warwickshire and James Kazaris from Northampton, both shot dead while on holiday.

Paul Davies set up a charity in memory of James Cooper and James Kazaris, both shot dead while on holiday Credit: ITV Central

From Northamptonshire the Torch began winding its way into Leicestershire taking in various towns and villages including Corby, Market Harborough and Oadby before reaching the city of Leicester itself.

The rain made an appearance throughout the day dampening the streets but not spirits.

Torchbearers and crowds alike did not let the rain dampen their enthusiasm for the Olympic Torch. Credit: ITV Central

This may have been Day 45 of the Torch Relay but the excitement displayed by all was no less than that displayed on the first day, here are some more of the highlights of today:

The Torch was carried on a canal boat through Foxton before making its way to Kibworth Harcourt, Oadby and then Leicester. Credit: ITV Central

Torchbearer Tony Woodhouse carried the Flame through Rugby this morning.

Pictured here with the Warwickshire Northampton Air Ambulance as the organisation saved his life after losing his leg two years ago in a motorbike accident.

Since losing his leg he has helped to raise more than £4,000 for the emergency service.

Torchbearer Tony Woodhouse carried the Flame through Rugby this morning. Credit: Warwickshire Northampton Air Ambulance
This little girl stood proudly with her homemade Torch awaiting the Olympic Flame Credit: Anita Asaj
Taken on London Road, Victoria Park, Leicester shortly before the Flame ignited the celebration Cauldron in Abbey Park Credit: Henel Joshi
Torchbearer 054 Alexandra Riley carrying the Olympic Flame through the streets of Wellingborough Credit: PA
John Richards carrying the Olympic Flame around the grounds of Rugby School Credit: PA
ulia Thornton carrying the Olympic Flame on the Torch Relay leg through Northampton. Credit: PA
A spectator with her dog dressed in a Union Jack jacket watching the Torch Relay in Rugby Credit: LOCOG/PA

The Olympic Torch made its final stop for day 45 of the Torch Relay at Abbey Park in Leicester, carried by Torchbearer Phil Fuller, where the crowd counted down to the lighting of the cauldron.

Phil Fuller lighting the Cauldron at the end of Day 45 of the Torch Relay Credit: PA

Tomorrow the Olympic flame leaves Leicestershire and travels to Rutland for day 46 of the Torch Relay.

Sporting hero Gary Lineker will be a Torchbearer through his hometown of Leicester.

To see where you can watch the Olympic Flame tomorrow see here.

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